Monday, 19 April 2010


Sam Taylor Wood is famous for films and photographs that typically tend to examine our interactions with our interior and exterior world. This photograph depicts Sam seemingly stuck in mid air with no aid to defy gravity. One arm is covering the eyes and the other arm is facing down. One is leg is straight and the other leg is bent. This picture looks like she is sleeping or is just about to wake up from a peaceful sleep.

Sam falling backwards with her neck being pulled down by her head. One leg is very bent and other slightly bent. Both of her hands are fallen towards the fall. She looks peaceful and restful.  

This photograph shows Sam’s body falling down. This looks like she has been shot and thrown out of the window.

Sam Taylor Wood, self portraits called Suspended 2004.

‘Taylor-Wood's work explores our physical and emotional limits, often using enigmatic and subversive images to investigate the contemporary’. The photographs capture Sam Taylor Wood frozen in mid air. It looks very impressive. After reading the description of how she achieved this shots. I learnt she used ropes to get herself in her desired position, having plenty of time to take a self portrait. After the photographs were taken the ropes are digitally removed. She wanted to create “a moment of absolute release and freedom”.

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