Monday, 19 April 2010

Sebastian Jansson Geometric Form

Sebastian Jansson Finnish designer

Title Habitus, Tempus and Cumulus April 2009.

His collection contains three Objects bar stool, kitchen utensils and a lamp.

Habitus is a bar stool. Jansson uses geometric shapes to create the bar stool after being inspired by a coffee leaf. He looked at the leaf in a sculptural way to find “intricate arrangements of geometric forms, whilst maintaining its aesthetic qualities”. The stool is made out of laser cut steel. The steel is 1mm think it is folded and welded transformed into a stool. On First appearance the stool looks plastic it is interesting to find out that those initial expectations are not the case. When light is reflected on the stool from different angles the stool shines which emphases the geometric shapes. The concept is a good idea as it makes me think how many of us walk past items, objects and people daily because we don’t stop long enough to have a second glance and dare to challenge our own initial impressions.

Tempus are kitchen utensils. They are made of “folded pieces of stainless steel”. The kitchen utensils are very special to Jansson because they are the first product he presented at the University of Art And Design, Helsinki. The Utensils are simple and clean cut shape this add a minimal look. By adding the name via engraving it makes the utensils look very expensive and desirable. The utensils have a sense of ambiguity about them, a look of not really knowing what to use them for. However, this could give people freedom in the kitchen, a place where, typically, everything is done in a uniformed way. On the other hand I just can’t see how the utensils would be used in the kitchen; in a functional way.

Cumulus is the lamp. They were lots of contemporary ideas for this lamp. Jansson studied two materials for his lamp. The first is a “reflective and semitransparent material delivered by the Philippine company Stayellan Inc” to make a sphere shape. The second materials Velcro Ultramate to join onto the sphere hiding the mechanic of the bulb. The light was inspired by clouds. Jansson has used his geometric vision to manipulate the natural environment. The lamp is very amusing to me because the light comes out in six different directions within the sphere and the edges are also defined.

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