Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Testing new techniques for the sleeve.

My team Mate tested out another of her designs following the same theme of restriction. She designed features a sleeve which bends at an angle at the elbow. Holding the arm in awkward position.

A pattern was created and cut so that the shape sustains when the garment is worn.The pattern for the angled sleeve was made by tracing a half scale block sleeve and then stopping half way to go out at an angle both sides. 0.5cm allowance was added.

The sleeve was made out of white fabric to test if the effect worked. The sleeve pattern appeared not to be successful because the angle for the elbow was too long; this prevents the arm fitting correctly into the sleeve.

We then redrew the pattern by slashing up the sleeve to the elbow point and then pivating, the sleeve pattern onto the underarm area to create an angle both sides of the sleeve. 0.5cm allowance was added to the pattern.

After completing the sleeve pattern we cut the shape into fabric and then sewed the sleeve together. This time it was more successful than the first attempt because the angle was in the correct position for the arm to fit comfortably and bend at the elbow.

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